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Livia Kova

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Livia Kova is since more than a decade the beauty salon of choice for the international community living in Brussels seeking professional treatments in a pleasent athmosphere.

Livia specializes in high quality professional aesthetic treatments. Our wide range of modern Beauty and Spa services - Waxing, Permament hair removal, Slimming solutions, Manicures and Pedicures, Face and body treatments, Massages, etc - are based on the latest innovation and efficient technologies. They ensure a high quality response to all the needs and desires of our customers.


Do you want to feel beautiful ? Do you need someone to take care of you ? Come a tour place and we will ! Livia Kova put all his knowledge to help you being as beautiful as you should ! Trust our experts to take care of your body.


Do you need some time to relax ? Come at our place, our spa is the perfect solution to all of your problems ! Just lay down and enjoy the natural effect of our installation. Our team will be here to fulfill all of your desires. Time to relax !